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Venture Capital

American/European VCs

Frontier markets are an often overlooked part of the emerging markets space, but offer exposure to the some of the most exciting start-up tech on the planet, not to mention PE and M&A. But, as with any little-known investment area, myths abound about which countries are classed as frontiers, why, and whether they are worth investing in. Let us guide the way.

Two Businessmen

Corporate Due Diligence

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the entrepreneur who famously got a $2 million investment after showing a presentation about nothing. Now, the same entrepreneur, Itay Adam, has created a new model for investors that builds on the ideas he used to secure funding. The gist of it is to invest in a team -- not a product (Forbes Magazine 2015)

Are you sure of the product or tech, but not that of the CEO. If they live in eastern Europe, let Frontier Vectors handle it. 


Meet and Greet

Let Frontier Vectors handle the heavy lifting. Allow us to set up meetings for your VC with relevant stakeholders, government officials, and key industry insiders in the countries' you wish to invest in

Image by Vladislav Klapin

VC Scouting/Consulting

Don't have a presence in eastern Europe? Do you want to spend every other week on a plane. Let Frontier Vectors serve as your eyes and ears on the ground and scout for you. We offer competitive rates on individual scouting arrangements for American VCs

Image by Mael BALLAND
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