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Start Ups

Advisory Services

Frontier Vectors provides startup advisory services to eastern European tech companies who wish to enter the American market. We have relevant industry, and business expertise and can provide industry specific or subject matter advice, mentoring, as well as networking connections to a founder of a startup or entrepreneur.

Levitating Objects

U.S. Based Partnerships

Frontier Vectors provides eastern European start ups access to a wide range of U.S. partners who often can provide the entry into the U.S. market. We also build joint ventures and welcome licensing agreements.


Establishing U.S. Presence

Let Frontier Vectors assist your start up in obtaining a U.S. presence via LLC or S-Corp which allows your company to more freely operate in the United States.

American Flags

U.S. Grant and Proposal Writing

Is your start up well versed in writing proposals, communicating with U.S. companies, or understanding how U.S. business works? We are and let us carry the torch for you.

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