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What We Do

Frontier Vectors provides advisory services to selected  companies, start ups, and individuals in the following areas

Business Intelligence Services

Business intelligence assists companies and individuals in assessing the risks of their actions, or when establishing new endeavors. Frontier Vectors can leverage these intelligence methods to provide metrics  on geopolitical risk, market risk, and risks associate with frontier markets.  Frontier Vectors' business intelligence methodology can help companies make smarter, intelligence founded decisions.

Start Up Advisory 

Frontier Vectors provides startup advisory services to eastern European tech companies who wish to enter the American market. We have relevant industry, and business expertise and can provide industry specific or subject matter advice, mentoring, as well as networking connections to a founder of a startup or entrepreneur.


Security Consulting


Frontier Vectors advises private clients and corporations across industries including construction, start ups, VCs,  manufacturing, mining and transportation. We can assist in creating a robust security environment with services that include current and emerging threat assessments, insider threat, physical security controls,  reviews and development, and planning.

Corporate Investigations

Frontier Vectors and its associates provide investigative services, due diligence and litigation support services for U.S. and other western corporations whose business originate or operate in eastern Europe.

Services include multi-country corporate investigations and intelligence gathering which assists companies and individuals to create winnable vectors. Other services include insider threat, geopolitical risk, and competitor analysis. clients.


General Business Consulting

Frontier Vectors provides general business consulting for American and western European countries wishing to do business in eastern Europe or south Asia. We also provide board advisory services and will represent selected defense or security products throughout Europe and south Asia.

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