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Hedge Funds

Frontier markets have proven to be amongst the best investment destinations of the past decade and are increasingly attracting the attention of global investors.

These rapidly expanding economies are already home to 25% of the world’s population and 11% of the world’s GDP. Today, their capital markets have already reached the critical size required to attract global investors. There is an increasing need, not only to better understand these new investment destinations, but also to determine the role these markets should play within investment portfolios.

Similar to the traditional long only strategies, most hedge funds have no exposure to these markets. We believe that we have now reached a turning point and that pioneering investors will be rewarded for building up positions in these markets today.

Due Diligence

The Bottom Line. Proper hedge fund due diligence hinges on being able to effectively gather and analyze information about the fund. A hedge fund may offer up information that is not requested, but an investor should assume that only requested information will be provided.

Meet and Greet

Let Frontier Vectors handle the heavy lifting. Allow us to set up discreet meetings for your firm with relevant stakeholders, government officials, and key industry insiders in the countries' you wish to invest in. Or just let us do it for you. 
Image by Markus Krisetya

Geopolitical Risk Analysis

FV geopolitical risk analysis provides end-to-end coverage of political, violent, and force majeure risk for your investment.  We help the hedge fund anticipate and quantify critical external strategic business risks that might adversely impact their investments, personnel, interests, and assets anywhere in our coverage area. We work the top global all-source open source intelligence (OSINT) providers in the world to assist you in this endeavor. 
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